Before I go

I’ve never blogged before, but this year I’m going to be doing a lot of things I’ve never done before.

Leave the country for instance.

This Saturday, I’m leaving for Japan, where I’ll be teaching English in Chiba.

There isn’t much else to write for now, except that I am stoked and I can hardly wait to meet everybody in my new town-place.

So! I will write more later, when there is more to say! This is just a test post, really. Everything is a placeholder for now, until I can mess around with the format a bit. :)

Here is a test picture also:

I think I want to see Wolverine as a princess next.

Sometimes you have to put scary people in pink dresses. Sometimes those same people will give you a batarang. The world is a strange place.
(picture found at Original author unknown.)

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3 Responses to Before I go

  1. Your Batman picture is silly.

  2. Vai says:

    Yeah! I love princess Batman! Makani is going to love him too! So cool to read about your adventures so far! I was LOL when you caught the cockroach and just left it in the corner! You’re a great blogger. Today worked and then I almost fainted on my way home due to the fact that I was hungry I suppose. I quickly gobbled some cashews and drank some water and then drove to the Ucsc farm to get my veggie box (mmm fresh strawberries) before going to yoga. The yoga teacher was so excited and dramatic about yoga I thought they should make a comedy about him or maybe a cartoon. I felt better after doing yoga and went home to make tacos for me and the fam. Daelen can’t stop walking now! She’s beginning to talk too and held Makani’s superman figurine and said “ya” repeatedly when I told her that it is superman. Snuggling into bed now.

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