In which I am lonely

I’ll keep this short, because I don’t want to whine so much. Also, I didn’t plan for this to be the next entry. But I thought I should share how I’m actually doing.

I’m lonely. :(

I was okay all week, because I had work and people to be around and everything, but because it’s Friday, and thus the weekend, I’m kind of scared of being alone. I don’t really know anyone yet, and a lot of people that I do know are going out of town this weekend. So I’m not really sure what to do with myself.

Hmm… It’s okay, though! I’m going to do my best. Actually, I just started to write again. I wrote almost 2000 words today so far, and it’s only 9:00PM. So I’m going to keep writing and see where that takes me!


I’m also frustrated by the lack of a pool near me. Or, at least, I can’t find one near me on the internet. I’m going to ask around some more. I really miss swimming. :( I think it would make me feel better, too, to be able to swim. So I hope I can find a pool that is open year-round (I will definitely swim in the winter! That’s the best time for swimming, because no one else wants to when it’s cold). I want to go at least 3 times a week—maybe Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Anyway, that’s how I’m feeling right now! Lonely,  but still hopeful. Haha—hopefully that lasts.

I will update sometime this weekend with (hopefully) two posts: one about my arrival, and then one about festivals. Honestly, nothing really exciting is happening at work yet, so I’m saving that entry for the end of next week. Soon all will be revealed!


Please remember to leave a comment telling me about your day! I want to hear it!

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4 Responses to In which I am lonely

  1. Kile says:

    Well, if you want to hear about my past two days, they’ve been pretty crazy. My mom organized this whole trip in advance where yesterday (Friday) Alex and I flew out of San Jose Airport to John Wayne Airport at 8, so by 11 we were at Disneyland with my mom and two cousins. We spent the whole day there–a lot of the lines were really short. About 10 minutes for Indiana Jones! Actually, the longest line, bizarrely, was for Jungle Cruise. It was really hot though, and Alex kinda got heat exhaustion, so we headed back to the hotel for dinner and Alex rested. Then my mom & cousins headed off with me back to Disneyland. We watched that weird Abraham Lincoln thing where it almost seems like they’re trying to make him look like Jesus. Then we went and watched the fireworks, which were pretty awesome. I’d never actually stayed for them before and it was definitely worth it. We walked around to some of the stores, then they went home and I spent another half hour to an hour wandering around Downtown Disney. Got back to the hotel around 11:30, took a shower, sleep. Next day, got up at 7:30, did breakfast in the hotel (it was pretty horrible) and drove to Knott’s Berry Farm. I’ve never been there before. It’s very strange. Berries + Ghost Town Old West + Peanuts (the comic) + rollercoasters makes for a weird mixture. We didn’t end up going on many rollercoasters, but we did check out some of the cool stuff on display and go to the fried chicken place, which fed us way way too much food. Then Alex and I had to take a cab back to the airport. Except apparently it wasn’t an ordinary cab, it was some sort of fancy driving service. The guy pulled up in a black Lincoln Town Car with pillows and water bottles and everything, it was pretty cool. We got to talking to him–he’s from Kenya, and he’s studying (or possibly already graduated) to be a pharmacist, but for the time being he’s working driving cars. We flew back home (not that pleasant after eating all that fried chicken) and then now here I am, incredibly tired.

    • Thanks for your comment! That sounds like a pretty great two days. That’s amazing that the lines weren’t too long! Lucky. My friend works at Disneyland, on the Jungle Cruise, so maybe you had him as a skipper.

      The Abraham Lincoln thing is pretty creepy…

      I’ve only ever been to Knotts one time that I remember (probably another time when I was too young to remember), and it was for “Knotts Scary Farm” in October. It was pretty fun, but I think I prefer Disneyland and Magic Mountain over it.

      • Kile says:

        I’ve never done any of the Halloween stuff, but I really want to make it down to Universal this year because I hear it’s going to be Silent Hill themed. Plus, I haven’t been to Universal since I was about 8, so it would be pretty cool to go again. The Jurassic Park ride made a huge impression on me when I was a kid.

      • Whoa! Silent Hill theme–that sounds amazing and scary. XD I haven’t been to Universal since I was about 10. I liked the Universal Tour and the Jurassic Park ride, and I remember seeing the Backdraft show… But other than that, I don’t remember much.

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