You know what I miss most of all?

I miss the smell of night and rain together. I miss the way the night sky looks between the tops of the trees, and the way the full moon’s light shines through them.

I miss running and singing showtunes on East Field. I miss walking across campus to Late Night at the dining hall. I miss the ten minute walks to Seven Eleven at midnight to get Slurpees. I miss the feeling that, when you’re walking in the dark, no one exists in the world except you and the people you’re walking with. I miss walking home from my friend’s apartment at two in the morning, over gravel and dirt and grass, onto the bike path, half afraid of mountain lions and half preoccupied with our conversations.

I miss going to the Poet & the Patriot and playing darts. I miss walking home in the dark and pretending that I was a superhero so that I wouldn’t feel so afraid. I even miss that.

I miss staying up way past my bedtime, until I’m so tired I could collapse on the ottoman, but it doesn’t really matter because I had another best night of my life.

I miss saying goodnight six times before I finally go back to my room.

I miss Santa Cruz nightlife and all the people that came with it.

It’s 2:12 AM on Sunday morning, and I should be tired, but all I want to do is walk through the forest with my friends–we don’t even have to get Slurpees. We could just walk.

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9 Responses to You know what I miss most of all?

  1. Mary Hadlich says:

    I’ll walk with you…but when you fall asleep on the ottoman I’m gonna have someone else wake you. You’re so grumpy when you wake up. Hugs, Love and I also miss those nights, and you.

  2. Alison Mok says:

    I miss all of it too. The days here are too hot and the night air smells like manure. Although there is a little park near my work that has real trees and not just the city garnish you see every where. I agree with Mary though someone else can wake you. You are normally very grumpy when you wake up. I’ll just have a kitty wake up instead.

    • Haha, yeah… A kitty waking me up is probably safer than a human being. Like that one time Gizmo sat on my head. I didn’t throw him across the room or anything! Cats are safe.

      I miss you a lot, in particular. Please shoot me an e-mail and tell me what you’ve been up to! I want to know everything, and I don’t care how “mundane” it is. Most of my blog entries are pretty mundane, I think.

      Ugh. Garnish. It’s pointless on dinner plates, and it’s ugly in cities. Or maybe cities are just ugly to me.

  3. clairemariedavidson says:

    I miss you tons and reading this made me really sad. Transitions suck. *Goes on a virtual walk through the forest with you.*

    • Thanks Claire. I miss the forest a lot. I also miss Writer’s Society a lot. I hear you guys are having it on Fridays! Maybe I can Skype in after all, because if you do it on Friday evenings, that’s my Saturday morning!

      • clairemariedavidson says:

        Ooh, that would be amazing! It’s Fridays at 5-7 now. So that would be 8-10 Saturday morning for you, right? Btw, we’re emailing stories out this year, so that would actually work with the reading part!

      • Ohh! Let’s do it! I don’t appear to have anything planned for next Saturday (in the morning anyway), so shall we plan to do it this coming Friday/Saturday? Forward me all the stories!

      • clairemariedavidson says:

        Yes, that would be fantastic! I’ll email you as soon as I get them! :)

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