Sketch Jam—October 8th

Monday was a national holiday, so Chris, who lives in Sosa, planned an event called “Sketch Jam.” The plan: Meet up in Akihabara (a district in Tokyo also known as “Akihabara Electric Town”), go to a café, draw in our sketchbooks.

The time and place wasn’t really cemented down until the day before, and even then Chris had only decided on 1:00 PM and “meet at Akihabara station.” It would be a spontaneous adventure!

I was pretty excited about it. It was the first time I would be travelling alone in Japan, and I would be able to meet new people. I was sure that they would all have superior art skills—

Fig. 1: A typical El-style stick figure.

—but that didn’t matter. It would just be cool to be around people who would want to go to a café and…draw, of all things.

I hopped on a bus to Tokyo Station, and then took a train from there to Akihabara. I arrived a little early, but I saw a sign for a Book-Off, so I wandered around trying to find it. Unfortunately, the signs were not clear, so I ended up looking at the map on my phone and found it that way.

The moment I stepped in the door, I saw hella Fullmetal Alchemist manga—for 105¥ each! (That’s about $1.30!) It was awesome! I could have bought the whole series for under $50! (You know, in Japanese.)

I also found this gem in the game section:

Why is there a video game for that show?

Also—recently, I watched the first episode of the Ouran High School Host Club live-action drama. XD It’s terrible. (Duh.)

Anyway, at 1:00, I met up with Chris, Jillian, Becca, Kristen, and Jessica. The first three live around Asahi (Chris is in Sosa), and I went to Comiket with Jillian and Becca. Kristen and Jessica were new though, and are part of a Wisconsin and Alabama teaching program (respectively).

We headed to a restaurant to eat lunch, and there, we drew!

It went like this: first, Chris gave us a topic to draw. He chose something simple to start with: cats.

So here are the cats I drew!

After we revealed our drawings (発表 or “happyou” meaning “presentation”), Chris decided that my robot cat “won” (there isn’t really a “winner”), so I got to choose the next topic.

I chose… er… ninjas. Eating things.

Haha! My favorite one was Jillian’s:

I thought the “eating pavement” thing was clever.

I’ll sum up really fast by just showing you the pictures. Haha!

After we were done in the restaurant (meaning, after about three hours), we walked around Akihabara for a while.

We went to Animate—

—and then Jillian and Becca split off to run errands, and the rest of us went to an English-style pub (which Chris was excited about, because he’s from London). We ordered some beers (well, Jessica and Kristen ordered cocktails), and drew a little bit more before heading home.

In other news

I went to Tsutaya (a book/music/DVD rental place) tonight, just to check it out. I totally forgot to look for what I actually went in for—which is the Evangelion anime movie—but I found this!


And one last thing before I sign off for now—I was using a school computer a few weeks ago, and I saw the funniest thing. The school computers are old, so they take a while to load up. While it was loading up, something on the black scroll-y screen caught my eye. I laughed out loud, and I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn’t get my phone ready in time.

And then, two days ago, I saw it again.

Windows cracks me up. Can you spot it?


Cast of Characters

Chris as… an ALT in Sosa. He is originally from London.

Jillian as… an ALT in Asahi.

Becca as… an ALT in Asahi.

Jessica as… a 1st year ALT… somewhere. She is from Alabama. While we were drawing, it came up that we both play D&D and we both participate in Nanowrimo! So. New best friend. :D

Kristen as… a 1st year ALT, also somewhere. She is from Wisconsin.

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2 Responses to Sketch Jam—October 8th

  1. Jeff says:

    Yay for Lenin! The single most offensive, unsavory character ever, EVER, ever. I have missed El Doodles(tm).

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