Mid-month Nanowrimo Post

Well, after falling behind for three days, I finally caught up on my word count. I’m 30,393 words in, and it’s going okay so far. There’s one character that I really hate writing (and actually he’s just a terrible person), but I can’t kill him off. It’s frustrating.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to ignore another important character almost entirely. So that sucks. I just can’t get into her head, really… So maybe she won’t be part of this novel. :/

Anyway, I caught up today by writing 3,461 words (not nearly enough for a whole day, but such is the writer’s life). I feel like I’m behind by a lot, instead of being caught up exactly where I should be, because next weekend, I’m going on a trip to Kyoto with my school’s staff, so I won’t be able to write at all. I think I’ll write by hand on the bus or something, but that probably won’t happen. So I’m going to try to write like a fiend this week.

After I finished (read: got tired of) writing for the day, I wasted an hour making a cover for my novel.

The Mad Men character is a stand in until I draw an original falling person. |D Forgive my plagiarism for the moment.

It was really fun to make, so I’m considering making one for all of Nano novels that I’ve written so far. You know, after November is over, because otherwise… you know… procrastination…

In case you’re curious, here is the link to my Nanowrimo page, where you can read my bio, a synopsis of my novel, and see my daily stats: http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/barophobic

There’s not much to see, but there you go.

And here’s my inspiration for making the cover:  http://blog.lettersandlight.org/tagged/30-Covers-30-Days

During Nanowrimo, some people collaborate and make covers for 30 people’s novels! I think they all look pretty awesome, and one of them references a Florence + the Machine song. They are really fun to look at, and I recommend taking a peek! They almost look like real novels.

No updates about Japan in this entry, because I could go on and on and on and on and on…

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