My Baby is Gone

Bad news. My computer crashed.


A lot of bad things happened to it–first, I think the new webcam driver I installed probably messed it up, and then Windows tried to update. And you know what happens when Windows tries to update. -__-

So I called Enoguchi to ask what I should do, and he said he would take a look at it. He has it now, so I’m using a Board of Education laptop that he brought me.

Unfortunately, this means that I’m not going to be able to publish my Kyoto Trip blog entry as scheduled. So you’ll have to wait until I (maybe?) get my computer back with all my writing on it.

I’m so sad. D: OMG…

When Enoguchi took my computer, I was looking at it very sadly.

Enoguchi: “What?”

Me: “It’s my baby…” :(

Enoguchi: “Oh, well, we can trade.” (He pats his son, who he brought with him, on the back.)

In other news…

I might as well update some things that have been going on until I can post the more exciting entry.  I’ll make it brief, though. :)


I’ve gone to see a lot of movies recently!

On December 1st, I saw Skyfall with Kamada-sensei! It was a lot of fun. I haven’t seen many Bond movies, to be honest. I’ve seen… hmm… Goldfinger (1964) for sure. I may have seen Casino Royale (2006), but I don’t remember it.

But anyway, I really enjoyed it. I loved the opening credits sequence–it’s GORGEOUS. And even though I haven’t seen many Bond films, I liked the references to previous films (I dunno, I could sort of tell when they were making specific references). So that was cool!

I also loved what it was saying about our world today. Action films–well, most films–show what we are currently afraid of, and I think this film captured two current fears quite well: 1) That our governments are failing to protect us, and 2) That the thing we fear right now is ourselves, or rather, people on the inside. The villain was basically the WikiLeaks guy, after all. This isn’t anyone “foreign.” This is someone from the home country. I liked it much better than the racist portrayals of Middle Eastern people in a lot of films after 9/11. XD

Last night, I saw The Hobbit!

I can’t say too much about it, because some people haven’t seen it yet, and there are so many different opinions about it that they want to go in with a blank state.

So I’ll just say this: I loved it. :)


From December 3rd to December 5th, the students had calligraphy classes after lunch. Since there were no regular classes, I went and watched all three days.

It was so cool! Some students were amazing! And even the students who didn’t write it exactly like the example did really well, I thought. Some students just weren’t good at it, but I liked the sort of spiky or graffiti-like look of some of the their characters. So to make them feel better, I told them that I liked it anyway. I think writing it the same pretty way as the example is pretty boring anyway. xD I like rough art. I dunno.

On the third day, the 3rd years had their class, and all of the female teachers made me try it. Kaito had left for a parent-teacher conference, so his space was free. They sat me down at his space and made me try it, and I was really afraid that he was going to come back, see me sitting in his spot, and start yelling at me. XD

I wasn’t very good, but whatever. XD

Karaoke–December 5th

I went to karaoke again! This time I went with Ebony, Melissa, Rioko, Yuki, and Shiori. Yuki and Shiori are in the Eikaiwa (English Conversation) class that Melissa and I teach for adults, and Rioko is Ebony’s friend. It was a lot of fun! :)

Afterwards, Yuki gave us a ride home, so we didn’t have to take the trains. Someone mentioned kyudo (Japanese archery), and I said that I was interested in it. Apparently, Yuki used to do archery in high school! She invited me to go watch a kyudo lesson someday, and I was so down.

Archery–December 14th

SURPRISE! On Friday, I went to watch a kyudo lesson with Yuki! Yay! Kim came along too. It was really cool to watch. It’s very different from the archery I’m used to, but I want to try it anyway. Like most things in Japan, it’s very… formal and ceremonial. There are all these steps to it, and you can’t just shoot like we did in Santa Cruz. It was very pretty. I’m sure that when I actually do it, I’ll be super impatient, but I’ll try my best!

I can’t start until the beginner class begins again, though–and that’s in June. Kinda lame to have to wait that long… But oh well.

Bonenkai–December 7th

“Bonenkai” means “forget the year gathering”–so basically, it’s an end of the year party to forget the last year. Haha! And if the amount that Japanese people drink is any indication, I’m sure that they actually do forget the year. O__O

It was like any other enkai, only this time, we went to a shabu-shabu place. (REAL shabu-shabu, not what my family thinks it is.)

Shabu-shabu is hot pot–meaning, you have a pot of hot water, and you put ingredients in it to cook together at the table, like family style.

It was a lot of fun, but Mike and Victor kept making fun of me… for whatever reason… even though I gave them omiyage from Kyoto… XD

But anyway, it was cool to see Enoguchi and Yoshimura-san again. Ebony was in Korea with her school’s staff, so she is the only one who couldn’t make it.

Until Next Time!

Hopefully I’ll get my computer back intact, and I can post about Kyoto and my Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day (which, as sad as I was, I think is important to document in how it feels to move to another country, away from people you know).



kyudo: Japanese archery

eikaiwa: English conversation.

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4 Responses to My Baby is Gone

  1. Kim says:

    Hahah… Enoguchi is ridiculous.

    I hope your computer gets fixed :( Mine died my last month there and I just couldn’t stand it and bought a brand new macbook..

    I’m glad you are having so much fun!

    Don’t fear Kaito! muauhahaha.. it is so fun to bait him into getting upset… he freaked me out the first year because he always STARED at me, all through class and it was creepy. Then the second year I just started staring him down and he would start yelling and it would be great.
    Of course I had much worse kids to deal with at the time, so I guess in comparison he seemed tame.

    • Enoguchi is hilarious. XD

      Nope, my computer is dead. D: But Enoguchi got all my files for me… on 8 DVDs… So I’m buying a new one. :/

      I am having fun! It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I’ve only been here a few months. So yay! More to come!

      Hahaha, Kaito is just big and loud, that’s all. I don’t feel like I have a good enough relationship with any of the third years to start baiting them, though. He doesn’t stare at me much; he’s too busy staring at Mirano. ;)

  2. Jane Clement says:

    I had forgotten all about Shabu-shabu: )

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