ALT: “Assistant Language Teacher.” My job. I help the English teachers teach (what else?) English.

CIR: “Coordinator for International Relations.” Another job position you can get through the JET Program. CIRs work for the city contracting organization, not the Board of Education.

D&D: Dungeons and Dragons, a tabletop roleplaying game based on story creation, character arcs, adventure, dice-rolling, and fighting imaginary monsters. “You sit around with your friends and tell an adventure story together.”

DM: “Dungeon Master.” In D&D, the Dungeon Master runs the game, acting basically as “Banker” (to use a term from board games) and storyteller. They supply the monsters and in-world characters.

Gaijin: Japanese word for “foreigner,” literally meaning “outsider.” Gaikokujin is the proper word.

Hanabi: Japanese word for “fireworks.”

Jikoshoukai: Japanese for “self-introduction.”

JTE: “Japanese Teacher of English.” Usually, ALTs and JTEs team-teach.

Kanji: The Japanese word for Chinese characters. Japanese uses three writing systems, one of which is the Chinese characters. You can tell the difference between kanji and the other writing systems because kanji is so much more complicated. The kanji for “kanji” is: 漢字.

Matsuri: the Japanese word for “festival.”

Minamiboso: The city that employs me. It is the “contracting organization” that employs me through the JET Program. There are 7 ALTs in Minamiboso, in different little towns. There is also a CIR.

Odoya: Japanese grocery store. The one near my house is VERY SMALL, but there’s a larger one in Tateyama, the larger city next to Minamiboso.

Onigiri: rice ball.

Taiko: Japanese drums.

Tanabata: Japanese festivals that take place during the summer. There are a lot of fireworks, and everyone wears yukata.

Yukata: Summer kimono.


Adventure with me!

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